Places of Interest

As you can well imagine, the island of Ometepe is full of fascinating places to visit, with a unique kind of flora and fauna. Just imagine an island with two volcanoes of which one is still active. One is covered by a verdant misty tropical forest and has a pure sparkling lagoon inside the crater. The other is rocky and bare with its tip usually immersed in a halo of clouds. The island itself is situated in one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world. It is a very special place and its natural beauty has been preserved because of its isolation. . Following is a list of places which we strongly encourage you to visit. All of the below mentioned can be easily reached by bike or on foot starting from the farm and we sincerely hope that these excursions will fill you with a sense of wonder and peace. There are of course other places other than those we mention here and we don’t want to hinder your adventurous spirits and the surprise and joy of making your own discoveries.