About Booking

Finca El Zopilote is a big hostel and we have space for more than 50 people, so there are plenty of different possibilities here…

Our suggestion is to show up during the morning around check out time, 11 am,

because every day at this time people leave and there is usually a lot of space.

 If you cannot show up at 11 am ,

you can call us on or write in whatsApp  (+505) 83690644 (Claro)  on the day you are coming to check our availability.

If you cannot call,

on the main road we have a farm shop always in contact with the reception which is 300 meters up the hill. In the bus shop there is always a volunteer working. You can ask to the taxi driver to stop at the farm shop for 30 seconds and ask there if there is free space or not….

If you  want to reserve, please follow the instructions.

Before to reserve: Finca El Zoilote  is an organic farm hostel wich has mostly of the guest leaving the place very happy and satisfied for all the activities and courses going on as yoga twice a day, pizza night, fireshows, an explosive nature, look outs, macrame’ workshop, permaculture gardens, organic agricolture and good vibe. Besides that, we have to say that Finca El Zopilote is an “alternative” hostel, different from normal backpackers hostels in many ways……examples: is a very large area with many paths and many different spots, we are in the middle of the jungle, you have to walk few minutes to get to the reception, is important to use a flashlight at night, there are no fans or air condition (but there is always a fresh breeze because we are up on the volcano) , we have very nice compost toilets, we have solar power in many place, at pizza night (tue/sat) we like to play music and dance until 10/11 at night….Please, before to reserve check our  website  and the review you’ ll find online to figure out if it’s your kind of place or not

How to reserve:

  1. Please check in Hostel Page of this website (http://ometepezopilote.net/hostel/) and decide where do you want to sleep.
  2. Once you decide, please contact us at zopilotereservation@gmail.com or trough WhatsApp  (+505) 83690644 to check availability
  3. Then to book your place you should send 30 usd each person to us by PAYPAL  on the account registered on this email: zopilotereservation@gmail.com
    The deposit made for the reservation will be discounted from the final bill of our host (it’s free book, in short).When you are paying, do not forget to write the names, the dates and which hut you are booking .Thanks in advance.
  4. We also have a bank account in Banpro in the name of Cristiano Bianchi in dollars: 10013810003713

Reservations Rules:

Really Sorry, but we have strickt rules on reservations. Please read them well before to reserve.

1)Once made the reservation, you can not make changes.

2)The reservation It is not refundable or erasable

3)We do not accept reservations for 1 night only

4)Book 1 days before your arrive at least

5)If you reserve X nights, you’ll pay x night, even if you leave the place before

6)If you don’t show up, the next day the reservation will be automatically cancelled and the deposit will be not refunded

Thanks to understand.

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