El Zopilote is Modernizing!

Way back in 2002 when we first arrived here and were just a tiny reality on a far away island we set up a web site. We were the only people in a radius of thousands of km who had one! Over time things have changed, technology is becoming more and more advanced and the world wide web provides ever changing new instruments and opportunities. Our little homemade web site had become obsolete and difficult to control.

We have now decided to make a new web site, easy to run, maintain and improve and more inter active. The work that has gone into this has caused us many sleepless nights. We have chosen three languages, English, Spanish and Italian to make things easier for all potential clients. We have also redesigned the site adding images and information which, we hope, will give a better idea of the rich variety of projects and activities on offer. We have also designed a new logo. El Zopilote is without doubt one of the biggest and best organized realities on the island of Ometepe. We have over 4000 visitors per year and employ over 30 workers. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and that it will be an enriching and pleasant experience. The web site is planned to be interactive so if you have ideas, feedback or comments please feel free to share. Enjoy!…and see you at El Zopilote