Bees and Bee Hives - Zopilote Organic Farm
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Bees and Bee Hives. Course

Insects that do the vital job of pollination on a farm are of paramount importance as they guarantee the growth of fruit. In order to bring this about we have installed bee hives in the vicinity of the vegetable gardens so that both the bees and the plants may benefit mutually from the relationship. The bees have a beautiful supply of flowers all year round while the plants and vegetables benefit from the presence of the pollinators and provide abundant fruits. Our bees are all of a local variety of the “meliponae” family. A characteristic being that they do not sting! These bees behave very differently to their European counterparts especially in the way they build hives so relating and interacting with them is very interesting. They are completely harmless and pose no threat even to children.

Prices: $10 per person (about 1 hour). Please register at the reception at least one day beforehand.