Local Communities - Zopilote Organic Farm
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Relationships with the Local Communities

El Zopilote is the first hostel/farm to have opened near the Volcano of Maderas on the island of Ometepe. The integration process has not always been easy, especially concerning the building of positive relationships with the local communities. With a lot of common sense and by following the principles of Permaculture we have always endeavored to maintain and improve relationships with the local communities. We have always tried to integrate as much as possible, with the people, with the territory and have therefore always made contributions towards all communal activities. In 2010, for example, thanks to a donation made by an Italian N.G.O. towards the construction of a locally run aqueduct, we provided the biggest amount of manpower for laying down the pipelines.

We have always made contributions (both material and financial) towards the development of the territory where we live and we are proud to say that we have managed to create many jobs for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages (at the moment we employ 30 people). Another important element is that wherever possible we like to make a contribution to the local economy by buying as much products as possible directly from the neighboring farms. This has allowed us over time to grow and prosper without making a negative impact on the natural or social balance of the island.

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