Permaculture - Zopilote Organic Farm
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The term “permaculture” was coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren back in the 70’s to describe an integrated, thriving and evolving system of animal and vegetable species useful for, and living in harmony with humans. Permaculture has now evolved to become “Permanent Culture” which reflects the goals reached by over 40 years of practise of this vision. Permaculture is an integrated process of planning which results in a balanced, harmonic, sustainable and attractive environment. By applying ecological and environmentally friendly principles we can bring back the balance which is essential to all life. Permaculture is the planning and the conscious and ethical preservation of productive systems which retain the diversity, stability and flexibility of natural eco systems. This same school of thought also applies to economic and social strategies.

Permaculture can also be defined as a combination of geography, ecology, anthropology, sociology and planning. In other words Permaculture was devised as a system of planning the territory in order to integrate humans harmoniously with the environment and its elements (housing, food, natural resources, social and human relationships). The goal is to plan long lasting settlements as similar as possible to natural eco systems through the recognition, use and blending of the components of the landscape. ( morphology, climate, soil, water, vegetation, animal life), to develop relationships of mutual support between humans and the natural environment and to develop a way of life which is neither predatory nor parasitic. The result will be and is a system of great beauty, aesthetically pleasing, productive, sustainable over time and with low maintenance costs. Our goal is to follow these principles both on the running of the farm and with hospitality of our guests.

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