Recycling Re-Using and Waste - Zopilote Organic Farm
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Recycling Re-Using and Waste

One of the paramount problems we were faced with from the beginning was dealing with waste, especially plastic. In this part of the world no steps had ever been taken to deal with the problem of waste, garbage collection was completely unknown not to mention recycling! Luckily it is starting now. On our land we separate all of the waste material and as much as possible recycle and transform the waste into something useful. We have used plastic bottles filled with discarded plastic bags and glass bottles to build and insulate walls. We have also utilized plastic waste during the construction of foundations.

We have made specific areas on the land where we have buried glass, metal and sometimes plastic on which we have then planted bamboo and trees for construction purposes. All organic waste is buried in the earth. In each hut or dormitory there are buckets and containers for each different kind of waste. These can also be found at the reception and in other areas. We kindly ask our guests to dispose of all plastic items they may have bought with them in the containers we provide. We also kindly ask not to buy bottles of water outside of the Farm , but to re-use the bottles they already have or that we provide by simply rinsing them and filling them up for free with our delicious filtered water that is on offer in the restaurant area.

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