Vegetable Gardens and Bees

A fundamental part of our farm are the vegetable Gardens where we cultivate many of the products which we then serve at our restaurant or sell in our shop. Our cultivations are completely organic and we follow the cycle of the moon. The irrigation system is very particular and is the same as used many centuries ago by the Mayan cultures. We basically use large terracotta containers which, all day long, let the water slowly seep onto the surrounding land. The tending of the vegetable patches is done by local workers and volunteers, all duly trained. The owners, Cristiano and Daniele, supervise this important work. In Permaculture, the relationship between humans, animals and plants is of paramount importance and for this reason we have put our bee hives near the vegetable gardens. The reason being that the bees have a constant supply of flowers while at the same time favouring the growth of plants (pollination).

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