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El Zopilote is a farm inspired by the principles of Permaculture and at the same time a hostel and guest house. In both fields a lot of work is necessary to run, maintain and develop the project so volunteers are more than welcome. There is always so much to do that the opportunities for all kinds of volunteer work are not lacking. To name a few: Manager on pizza nights, manager of the organic shop, gardener, yoga teacher, runner. By participating in the project you will enrich us with your experience and ideas while at the same time acquiring new capacities and skills for yourself. We are maybe the hostel / farm that employ more volunteers in Nicaragua …..sometimes we are more than 15 people, so you can easily understand that volunteers are very important for us…..!!!!!


If you interested the best way to work here is to show up at the reception desk with 2 months time and speak with the volunteer coordinator, because we really prefer to speak with the people in person  (not by email or Skype). Is important  for the aspiring volunteers to see in person the place where is going to live for 2 months and if we fit together. We apologize but we can not reserve a position for volunteering, so the only way is to come here personally to reception. 


As many people want to volunteer here but they do not have 2 months time, we introduce new deals: we ask 150 usd for 2 weeks volunteering sleeping in a Private tent ( Not our tent), 180 usd sleeping in our hammoch with mosquito net, and 240 usd for 2 week volunteering sleeping in a Dormitory with mosquito net. Those prices include the accommodation in a hammock or dormitory bed  both with mosquito net  and 3 meals a day ( breakfast you can choose what you want , and at lunch and dinner there is  the volunteers menu). People choosing this option will work in different area of the farm and we will try to teach more things we can.  Is a good opportunity for  people interested  in learning how a tropical farm/hostel is working and how to be sustainable . FOR THIS OPTION WE HAVE LOTS OF AVAILABILITY BUT WE PREFER TO SPEAK IN PERSON AND THAT YOU SEE THE PLACE WHERE YOU’LL LIVE A PART OF YOUR LIFE, SO IS  BETTER TO COME HERE DIRECTLY THAN SEND EMAIL.

Pizzeria Manager

Organizing the pizza nights which take place twice a week. The work consists in taking orders,  receiving payments and generally making sure that the service runs smoothly. The work lasts only for a few hours each night but it is important to give attention to details, be well organized and to enjoy working with the public. Knowledge of English and Spanish is essential.

Bushop Manager

Management of our shop (bushop) which is at the entrance of the farm inside an old American school bus. Many visitors come to the shop daily and it is also a kind of first reception point for potential clients. You must be of a happy disposition and enjoy working with the public. Organizational skills are paramount as is a very good command of both English and Spanish.

Yoga Teacher

Teaching yoga in the two daily lessons, morning and evening, for our clients. Various people attend these lessons with various levels of expertise. There are beginners, intermediates and experts. No certificates are required but we do ask for experience. English is compulsory, Spanish an asset.


Maintenance of our vegetable gardens. The ideal candidate should speak both English and Spanish, be confident around tools and have some experience. This person will also be involved in making and preparing organic products and any other small or odd jobs which will arise from time to time.


This job is extremely simple. The only requisites are a happy, polite and cheerful attitude. You will be asked to accompany guests to their huts, dormitories, hammocks or campsites after registration. You will show them the whereabouts of the various services and help with their baggage if necessary. Proper spoken Spanish and English are a must.


Other options for professionals of all kinds are available for those who would like to work in their chosen field of expertise. We always need carpenters, builders and mechanics. Please fill in the form or email us with a list of your skills and we will try to fit you in. You may become a useful part of the project.

Please fill up this form only if you have questions for voluntering here….

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